Difficulties Earning Money Online

When I was in college I started a few blogs because I was hoping to make some awesome websites. I started off very strong like most websites do and then I got bored of it and stopped posting. I got bored of posting because it was taking so much time and I was not getting a lot of views on my blog. I then left my blogs alone for a few years until I decided that I would like to start working on my blogs again. I logged back into my blogs and realized that my blogs were still getting a few views a month even though I had not posted anything in a few years. When I realized this I decided that I should try to start adding more content to these blogs again. I figured that if I could just put a few more blog posts than I would be able to get a few more views to my blog.

I had also added Google and Amazon ads to my blogs with no success. I was getting very little click through and no purchases so I was not able to bring in any income from this. I really wasn’t expecting much, just hoping for a few dollars a month but it was disheartening to not even get one cent from them.

I want to share my struggles with you so as to show that this is not a get rich quick or get rich easy path.

Do you have any struggles you would like to share?

Or perhaps you have found success through persistence?

I would love to hear your struggles and successes in the comment section below.