How I Won a Cookie Eating Contest (With no Training)

When I was 15 I went to go watch Hoodwinked in an outdoor downtown setting. Before the movie started they announced that there would he a cookie eating contest that we could complete in. I was in the 15-18 year old age group. I was the youngest in the age group and one of the smallest in the age group I was competing in. I had not prepared and had never competed in a cookie eating contest.

The rules were that you had to eat all the cookies in the bag and all you could have was a cup of water. When I started I decided to dunk each cookie into the cup of water before I ate it. This softened the cookie and made it very easy to just swallow the cookie without having to chew. I finished so much faster than everyone else that they made me drink my cup of water to make sure I got all the crumbs from the bottom of the cup.

The key to winning is you want to make sure the extra crunchy cookies get soaked for longer and the softer ones just need to be dipped and then eaten. You also want to make sure that while you are eating one you are dipping the next cookie in the water. The water is just there to help the cookies go down easier not to make you less thirsty.

If you have to eat Nilla Wafers you want to make sure that you soak them extra long because they will tear up the roof of your mouth if they are still too hard.


Opportunity Cost

Most of us have great ideas businesses we would like to start. But why do we all delay starting these new ventures?
We worry about what other people will think or that we will fail and lose lots of money. Do we ever think about how much we are losing in opportunity chance? If we hold onto our money too tightly and don’t try to create opportunities for ourselves we are delaying our own success and happiness.
The compound effect is more noticeable the sooner we start trying to achieve our goals. Also if we start early we can learn faster and progress faster.