The Best Sunglasses I Ever Owned Were FREE!

​Ok, so the best pair of sunglasses I ever owned were free to me because I found them abandoned in the grass, but they did last me 8 years of everyday wear and tear. These glasses were a pair of Oakley’s that I found one Saturday in high school when I was getting done with baseball practice. I wore these sunglasses everyday, baseball practice, the beach (I also accidently left them at the beach in Hawaii the day I moved back to the states) school, work, everywhere. If you have every held a little kid you know that they like to grab everything that they can, well my sunglasses were no exception to this rule. My sunglasses would get taken off my head and thrown on the ground. Sometimes these kids would take one of the arms of off the sunglasses and their parents would think that their kid had broken them but I could just put them back together and everything was fine. Eventually one of the pieces holding the arms on started to weaken and then broke but the arm would still stay on. I had to replace them because I had used them so much that the lenses were so scratched that it was obstructing my vision more than assisting it. So when I went to replace my sunglasses how much researched did I do to find the perfect pair? NONE. I found an Oakley store and found a pair of sunglasses that looked as similar to my other pair as possible and purchased them.
But why would you want to buy a $150 pair of sunglasses when you could just go to any store and buy a $10 pair of sunglasses? How long does that $10 pair of sunglasses last? Is the $10 pair of sunglasses comfortable? Does the $10 pair of sunglasses look good?
I know people that buy multiple pairs of sunglasses every year because the cheap ones they buy are always breaking. The initial investment for my sunglasses may be higher but over the life of them they have been much cheaper to own (that is as long as the Oakley’s do last that long and the cheap ones are always breaking and being replaced). I have also found that most $10 sunglasses are uncomfortable. I have a big head and all those cheap sunglasses seem to be trying to crush my head and after about 30 minutes I usually want to take them off. Some cheap sunglasses may look good and other may look cheap or ugly so that one is more of a preference of opinion.


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